When we wrote the Omega Course to train church planters in the non-Western world, we wanted to make it as practical as possible. We also attempted to include only material that was important for church planting. We based our choices on two main assumptions:

  1. The church planters would be nationals in the Former Soviet Union (FSU) who would work among their own people.
  2. Church planters would start new churches, and someone else would train pastors for them.

Both assumptions were reasonable at the time. However, many things have changed:

  1. There is still a need for a non-resident method of training pastors for the new churches--DE is our response to this need.
  2. Omega is being used far beyond the FSU.
  3. ​Many church planters are going to other people, languages, cultures, and countries.

Delta Course

The Delta Course is our answer to the second and third change. It is a supplement to the Omega Course that presents the cross-cultural ministry skills that church planters need in order to effectively establish churches in other cultures. The draft version is available for field testing. It includes the first 15 lessons and can be downloaded from the image on the right. 

Delta Course - 4.9 MB


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